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The contestants in the category "Family Cruiser" for the 2021 European Yacht of the Year Award are:


● Bavaria C42 

● Oceanis 40.1

● Elan GT6

● Bali Catspace

● Excess 11

This catagory is all about typical cruising boats. They need to offer enough room and comfort for you to take your family, but they should be easily enough managed to sail double- or singlehanded as well. Beyond this versatility family cruisers need to be relatively affordable which is why many come from the big production builders. While in the past the segment was mainly derived from the 30 to 45 foot range the market has seen more and more larger models lately – which also tend to become more sophisticated every year. This trend is driven in part by the charter business. By their very nature and their attractive price tags typical family cruisers are often to be found in charter fleets. But there are quite different proposals from small yards as well.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the announcement of this year’s winners will take place digitally, on YouTube, January 22 at 11 am CET.   

Bavaria C42
Sun Odyssey 410

For further information, please feel free to visit the webpage of the manufacturer​.



Length: 12.38 m ● Width: 4.29 m  ● Draft: 2.10  m  (opt. 1.70 m) ● Displacement: 9.7 t ● Sail area: 100.6 sqm

Oceanis 40.1
Oceanis 40.1 IMGL2827.jpg

For further information, please feel free to visit the webpage of the manufacturer.


Length: 12.87 m ● Beam: 4.18 m ● Draft: 2.17 m ● Displacement: 7.9 t 

Elan GT6

Please find further photos and information at Elan's homepage​.


Length: 15.20 m ● Beam: 4.49 m ● Draft: 2.45 m Displacement: 12.45 t ● Sail area: 113.7 sqm

Bali Catspace

Please find further photos and information at Bali Catamaran's homepage​.


Length: 12.31 m ● Beam: 6.56 m ● Draft, boards up: 1.10 m Displacement: 12.8 t ● Sail area: 101 sqm

Excess 11

Please find further information at Excess Catamaran's homepage​.


Length: 11.33 m ● Beam: 6.59 m ● Draft: 1.15 m Displacement: 9 t ● Sail area: 77 sqm