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Bella 620 Cabin

Bella 620 C is a sensible boat for ferry and leisure use with features for a number of purposes and conditions. It complements Bella’s cabin cruiser range and offers many clever solutions for cabin cruisers more than 6 metres in length.

Bella 620 C combines the typically good safe handling with functionality, beautiful design and innovative details

This test is currently available at Båtliv.

Up to 25 ft

Cormate Utility 23

This is an exclusive inboard version of the Utility 23. Powered by the new generation V6 and V8 Mercruiser engines (250 and 350 hp), it is lightning fast with a top speed of up to 62 knots. Even at such speeds these engines are very quiet and vibration free. The Super Utility's hull is especially balanced for inboard engines, with a shorter transom step.

This test is currently available at Båtliv.

Sting 610 BR

A wonderful bow rider with same hull as 610 S & DC. Smart solutions, much space and generous equipment. Designed by
Espen Thorup and ready for 100% fun!

This test is currently available at Båtliv and N&Y.

25 TO 35 FT

Beneteau Swift

Trawler 30

The Swift Trawler 30’s unreservedly stylish, contemporary and yet protective lines make her very distinctive. Designed for traveling long distances as much as for enjoying anchorages and stopovers, she is nonetheless a very open boat.

This test is currently available at BOOTE, Båtliv, Neptune, N&Y, Motorboot and BoatMag.

25 to 35 ft

Botnia Targa 30.1

The completely new Targa 30.1 is a fresh edition to our range. It fills the gap between the T27.1 and T32 in both size and functionality, bringing with it a wide array of thought-through new design solutions and comfort.

This test is currently available at Båtliv, and Neptune.

Marex 310 Sun Cruiser

Marex Sun cruiser has been built in various versions from 1988 to 2015 and has been a huge sales success for Marex. Of the three different editions, 630 boats have now been built. Now an entirely new edition is born. The boat had world premiere at Oslo boat show in September 2016. The basic concept is the same, but everything has improved and is a huge step forward.

This test is currently available at Båtliv.

Steeler Bronson 34

The brand new Bronson 34 is a spectacular looking boat, offering even more convincing levels of comfort and performance. Outside you will find a versatile lay out for maximum relaxation, inside there is a cruiser-worthy interior with a private toilet, galley, lounge area and double bed.

This test is currently available at N&Y and Motorboot.

35 TO 45 FT

Frauscher 1414 Demon

An extraordinary 46 foot offshorer has been conceived which complements the unique Frauscher design by a perfect living space for a weekend trip. The 1414 Demon combines typical Frauscher design elements like the flat bow with the vertical stem, the tinted and frameless windshield or the air inlets in carbon with a sporting driving pleasure unique to 46 foots. 

This test is currently available at BoatMag, N&Y, Neptune and Yachtrevue.

35 to 45 ft

Invictus 370 GT

Invictus 370 GT, luxury evolution doesn’t stop. With this model new frontiers of beauty and elegance have been reached. The distinctive element of this hull, carved in the material nearly as natural elements made it, is the GT typical “half reverse”bow. Here refinement and power reach the best balance.

This test is currently available at BoatMag and Motorboot.

Jetten Beach 45

The Beach series from Jetten Shipyard is of an unprecedented class and is constructed in aluminium. The beautiful design of Cor D. Rover Design in combination with the technical innovations create an entirely new class. The patented Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) from Van Oossanen Naval Architect is the pinnacle in the area of displacement hulls.

This test is currently available at Neptune and Motorboot.

Leopard 43 PC

There were no details left unattended in the creation of the new Leopard 43 Powercat, including the hull design, the updated interior, and much more. Built by Robertson & Caine with exterior design by Simonis Voogd Design, the Leopard 43 Powercat replaces the Leopard 39 Powercat. The Leopard 43 PC is a completely redesigned mid-sized catamaran built with the quality foundation that has come to be expected of Leopard Catamarans. 

This test is currently available at Neptune.

Rio Colorado 44

The Colorado 44 is built on the strength of its successful predecessor, “Rio 42 Air”, but completely revolutionizes size, aesthetics and layout. It is over 14 m long and can be described as a sporty hard-top, sumptuous and high-performing.

Its teak cockpit is really unique: spacious and completely flat with cockpit and helm station close together in order to enjoy external spaces with friends and guests.

This test is currently available at BoatMag and Neptune.


Absolute 50 Fly

The Absolute 50 Fly implements concepts and solutions typical of bigger luxury motor yachts.

The IPS-600 systems provide best performances, low consumption, silent movement and absence of vibration.

Yesterday, comfort was only a word: today it has found its tangible expression in a space designed for seven guests.

This test is currently available at BOOTE, BoatMag and N&Y.

Above 45 ft

Azimut 66

Azimut 66 raises the bar for excellence to the next level and is set to become a new icon in its category. Style, design and innovation come together in an incredibly appealing cocktail that is bound to chart a new course through the waters of the international yacht market.

This test is currently available at BOOTE and Yachtrevue.

Anker 1

Sealine F530

When buying a motor yacht, why not decide for the ultimate declaration of love to the sun, sea and sky: the Sealine F530. What should one admire most about this yacht: the spacious flybridge, which can serve as a luxurious sun deck or as casual party-location in the harbour? This motor yacht offers you a maritime panorama comparable to a multiplex-cinema.

This test is currently available at BOOTE, Neptune and Motorboot.


Aquanaut Majestic 1300 OC

The Majestic 1300, with a length of 13.15 meters a beam of 4.50 meters, is a comfortable and spacious motor yacht. Moreover, and thanks to the straight bow, there is much more interior room. The interior begins entirely forward, which is not possible with a ‘normal’ raked bow. With a raked bow the beam of a ship is reached two meters behind the bow, whereas with the Majestic’s straight bow the beam is reached after just one meter.

This test is currently available at Neptune and Motorboot.


Bavaria E40

"We think our development team has done a great job. Thanks to the revolutionary spatial design of the BAVARIA E40, you get the impression that everything is much, much bigger – more airy, more oversized. Just look at the comfortable sunbathing area on the bow, the gigantic bathing platform and the XXL-seating area. Everything is huge – and that includes the fun." 

This test is currently available at Motorboot.

DutchCat Twelve

The DutchCat concept is designed from totally outside-the-box thinking, where the traditional method of design based on limitations was abandoned. The concept comprises several items that together create the innovative DutchCatTwelve: an extremely energy-efficient, contemporary and functional ship of exceptionally high quality, fully developed and built in the Netherlands. The DutchCatTwelve is available in two versions with different underwater ships: the Comfort version and the Sport version.

This test is currently available at Neptune and Motorboot.

Sturiër DM 52

The Dutchman 52 combines aspects of the culture of Dutch yacht building with iconic elements of the current Sturiër yachts. The result is an elegant and confident yacht that stands out for its powerful appearance. The yacht is characterized by an impressive bow, a quick and efficient round bilge hull and a shapely aft. The modern interior is packed with refined workmanship and innovative technology. 

This test is currently available at BOOTE, Neptune and Motorboot.

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