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The contestants in the category "Racer/Cruiser" for the 2020 European Yacht of the Year Award are

● Dehler 30 OD

● J/99

● JPK 1030

● Sun Fast 3300 

● ClubSwan 36

This is a first in the history of the European Yacht of the Year Award. While in the past race boats were either presented among Performance Cruiser or Special Yacht categories we devote an entire section to them this year. Why? Because the number of newcomers and their potential was deemed too great to miss. There is something else that struck the Jury: The size of the boats is rather modest compared to other categories, due to the fact that most of them are designed to facilitate shorthanded sailing – a big trend in many parts of the world. As to be expected performance and ergonomics play an even bigger role in this new category, with live-aboard comfort being either completely irrelevant or a side-aspect at most. 

The announcement of this year’s winners, will take place during the Delius Klasing Flagship-Night on the first evening of the Boot Düsseldorf (18.01.-26.01.2020).

Dehler 30 OD
Dehler 30 OD

The famous German brand, owned by Hanseyachts, is known for Performance Cruisers. But it has a tradition of race designs as well, The 30 od follows on from Sprinta Sport, db1 and db 2 but with a different approach. Influenced by and actually geared toward offshore racing she may be viewed as the most "French" boat ever built outside of France – or as a little Class 40 if you will. She may be the perfect tool for some shorthand adventure races like the Northern European Silverrudder Challenge or Vegvisir Race where no measurement system is applied. However, Dehler hopes to be able to establish a one-design class, too – thus the suffix "od" in the model name. The Judel/Vrolijk design is quite light, with hull lines not just optimized for downwind sleigh rides but also proper lightwind and upwind performance. the Dehler 30 od sports an Innovative interior design which doesn't look as spartan as usual in this market segment while still keeping weight and – more importantly – center of gravity low.

More info here.


Length: 10.30 m ● Beam: 3.25 m ● Draft: 2.20 m ● Displacement: 2.8 to ● Sail area: tba


Even before being unveiled the new offshore speedster by J-Boats sold in the dozens. And the J/99 was an instant success not just commercially – she also showed strong results on race courses right from the beginning. Available with single or twin rudders, symmetric or asymmetric spinnaker setup she can be tailored to her owners' likings. While she may look rather modest compared to flashier new designs and weighs more than some of her direct competitors she is nonetheless right up there in the mix – including a realtively modest pricing compared to J-Boats standards.  

For further information, please feel free to contact the yards homepage, J-Boats, here.



Length: 9.94 m ● Beam: 3.40 m ● Draft: 1.99 m  ● Displacement: 3.8 to ● Sail area: 59.2 sqm

JPK 1030

JPK, while one of the smallest yards in Europe, has been a trendsetter in many ways. Their immensely successful IRC racers have topped numerous leaderboards. And so does the brand new 10.30 which – under founder Jean-Pierre Kelberts gifted hands – just just added another Rolex Fastnet title to the long list of victories attributed to the brand. JPK's influence on the market has been similarly impressive – thanks in part a well-optimized IRC rating. The fact that the European Yacht of the Year Award has devoted an entire category to racer/cruisers is in part a result of their success. The 10.30 looks to continue the approach the French call "polyvalent" – fitting many bills. It can be raced solo, doublehand or fully-crewed, and the boat accommodates fast cruising, too. 

For further information, please feel free to visit the webpage of the manufacturer.


Length: 10.34 m ● 3.32 m ● Draft 2.05 m ● Displacement: 3.5 to ● Sail area: 59 sqm

Sun Fast 3300
Sun Fast 3300

Eleven years ago Jeanneau won the European Yacht of the Year Award with the SunFast 3200 – a shorthand racer that would eventually become a longseller. Now her follow-up has arrived, and it is quite an improvement in many ways. Daniel Andrieu has teamed up with Guillaume Verdier to design the highly efficient hull. Below the waterline the bottom of the new SunFast 3300 has actually two concave sections, intended to minimize drag. A full bow section, wide stern, inclined hull sides and a straight IRC blade keel plus a utlitarian cockpit characterize her as a highly up-to-date raceboat. Optional water ballast (2 x 200 l) adds to her shorthand capabilities. Like Dehler's 30 od she is certainly one of the most extreme proposals from a volume builder.      


More about the Sun Fast 3300 directly on Jeanneau´s site.


Length: 9.99 m ● Width: 3.40 m ● Draft:  1.95 m ● Displacement: 3.5 to ● Sail area: 60 sqm

ClubSwan 36

Yacht racing is going to move up a notch or two with this up-to-date high-spec sportsboat from Nautor. There really is not much to compare it with. The Juan Kouyoumdjian design looks as light as it will be powerful with a displacement-weight ratio bordering on the absurd. A moveable C-foil will generate lift and counteract heel, making this an immensely potent weapon both up- and downwind. The yard will not only build the ClubSwan 36 to the highest standards – it will also establish a racing program around the owner-driver class. Expect something quite extraordinary!   

For further information please have a look at Natur Swan´s website.



Length: 11.00 m ● Width: 3.60 ● Draft: 2.75 m ● Displacement: 2.59 t ● Sail area: 90 sqm

ClubSwan 36
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